In Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, your body is seen as a holistic system. Everything is interconnected and interdependent.

If all of the parts of a system are in harmony with one another, then the whole system is in harmony. If there is disturbance resulting in disharmony, you are likely to see illness, disease and suffering.

This holistic approach to health means one's Chi \ Qi - or vital energy - must flow freely throughout one's body.

Life is essentially a gathering of energies. A healthy and happy human being is a dynamic but harmonious mixture of all the aspects of Chi that make up who we are.

Simply put, Chi is energy - but it's so much deeper than that.

Chi embraces all manifestations of energy, from the most material aspects of energy to the most immaterial aspects.



Chi is the universal life force, or the energy of the Universe since everything in the Universe is made of energy.

In a state of continuous flux, transforming endlessly from one aspect to another, Chi is neither created nor is it ever destroyed; it simply changes in its manifestation.

It’s impossible to address TCM without talking about ‘Chi’, the energy or life force within you and all around you. It’s all energy; everything is energy.

Modern physics now tell us that when you break solid matter down, there is nothing solid or physical about it at all — it’s just invisible energy.

So we now know that the basic “building blocks” of everything in nature and the universe, including our own bodies, is energy.