Founded by Skye Chao and Annabel Florescu, RE:CHI emerged from a shared vision born during their MBA journey at Rice University, Houston. The two found the inspiration for RE:CHI after Skye's return to school post baby, where discussions about Eastern postpartum practices sparked their desire to bridge knowledge between East and West and create an understanding of cultural practices through honouring traditions.

Skye and Annabel's bond during their MBA studies sparked a dynamic partnership fuelled by a shared desire to intertwine ancient wisdom with modern practices. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences, they envisioned RE:CHI as a platform for fostering connections between Eastern and Western cultures.

At the heart of RE:CHI lies a deep appreciation for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its holistic approach to health and wellness. TCM is an ancient modality the oldest continually used system of medicine in the world, a true time-tested tradition. By blending centuries-old wisdom with contemporary perspectives, RE:CHI aims to demystify TCM, making its benefits accessible to a global audience.

Join us as we celebrate tradition, embrace culture, build bridges that span continents and generations and embark on a journey of discovery, where the East and West converge to create a harmonious tapestry of cultural exchange.

Our aim with RE:CHI is to infuse centuries old knowledge of sacred eastern philosophies to enhance your modern universe. Together, let's explore the boundless possibilities of cultural fusion and embark on a path towards greater understanding and unity.

In health and harmony,
Skye and Annabel